Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fisharoo: Register New User Process

I found that the book doesn't exactly explain everything - fair enough.

There was code in the book that didn't match code in my solution - which i was sure i got from the book. But after a closer look the code in the book was actually consistent and i had managed to get code from somewhere else...i think it had something to do with the publisher putting the wrong code files up on the website for the book. Anyway...

So i had to learn a bit more about the CreateUserWizardStep.

This article helped me understand the difference between CreateUserWizardStep and WizardStep

This article helped me understand how to add a WizardStep at the end of a CreateUserWizardStep


  1. Hi, I just learning MVP. How I can convert this project into a project MVC 2?
    it would be very difficult?

  2. Mauricio:

    Sorry its taken me so long to reply.

    I would recommend that you follow along through the book will teach you more about how the MVP pattern works...a good skill to have.

    Once you've done that, you could attempt to build another version of 'fisharoo' using the ASP.Net MVC Framework.

    If i were going to do that though...i would use MVC3 - it has some fantastic features such as the Razor View Engine which can make development much easier.