Wednesday, 24 August 2011

VS2010 Files to EXCLUDE from TFS Source Control

This is a list describing, in general, which files should NOT be included in Source Control for your .Net applications
  • Solution user option files (*.suo), project user option files (*.csproj.user or *.vbproj.user) and WebInfo files (*.csproj.webinfo or *.vbproj.webinfo)
  • Anything that is created during the Build process:
    • The 'bin' folder and all contents (if you reference any third party DLLs, these should be placed in their own folder eg 'lib' and referenced from there, not from the 'bin' directory)
    • The 'obj' folder and all contents
  • Documentation files
    • TFS doesn't handle document changes that occur outside of Visual Studio very well
    • Documentation files should be stored on some other central repository, like SharePoint etc.
Note that in TFS 2010 you can enable/disable selected file types from participating in File Merging.
You also have the ability to cloak folders - and exclude them from source control.

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